Balance it out

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Balance it out


1-  Divide the group into two or three teams of three or more.

2-  Use masking tape to mark a start and a finish line on the floor with a distance of about 7 – 8 meters between them.

3-  Ask each team to bring their training manuals and cluster behind the start line.


Explain the ground rules of the game to teams as follows

Teams will race from the start to the finish line while each person will have to balance his/her manual on their head.

 Once you leave the start line, you cannot touch the manual with your hand.

  If a manual falls you must stop and cannot pick it up. Only one of your team members can pick it up for you and place it on your head again so you can carry on.

  Once a team member reaches the finish line, he/she can drop his/her manual and cannot help anyone else

The winning team is the one that arrive at the finish line first with all its members.


Discussion points for trainer

  Several team building key points can be made when debriefing this activity: how the success of each team member depends on the success of the whole team, Interdependence within each team and how there are certain things we have to get our team members to support and help us with and how we as team members cannot succeed by being at the finish line first.

 Another link can be made to balancing our heads (thinking) and our hands and legs (acting)

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