is your essential resource for nurturing and developing business and workplace talent through world-class training materials and courseware packages. We are part of the Scitron Training and Consulting company. Founded in 1998, Scitron has spent 20 years delivering world class training materials to a global audience of business leaders. We have provided training to prestigious clients around the world, including Vodafone, HSBC, Heineken, Allianz and BNP Paribas.


We provide training to a wide range of industrial sectors, from oil and gas to banking and telecommunications; from utilities and maintenance to environmental science, engineering and beyond.


Our training materials and courseware packages are available in a flexible, ready to deliver format for immediate use, or can be delivered via our exceptionally talented team of trainers and consultants.

We cover a comprehensive range of training topics from developing sales skills to managing retail and call centre environments... and more.

Whether you are delivering vocational education to staff, managers or trainers you will find the right level of courseware for your needs.

Our training delivery is enhanced by teaming up with a worldwide network of top trainers, key note speakers, and instructional designers.

For your company to consistently deliver excellence in all you do, you need to invest in quality training resources. That is exactly what is for. Our training materials can be tailored for your use and adapted to provide the perfect fit for your organisation.

By teaching a wide range of soft skills tailored to your company's needs, you can unleash the potential of both staff and management.

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Scitron is accredited by ECABO to provide practical training and secondary vocational education.




Stichting ECABO ( Center of Expertise on Vocational Education, Training & Labour Market ) recognizes  Scitron Training as an accredited training company according to the Dutch Education and vocational training ACT, Article 7.2.10 Paragraph 1. 

This accreditation qualifies Scitron to provide practical training in secondary vocational education.