What is Mind SWITCH ?

It’s Your Choice how to react  to every event in your life. SWITCH  creates a moment of choice between a stimulus and response, to a thought and Action. Instead of simply reacting to the annoying and frustrating things that people say and do ,  to be able to SWITCH keeps you in the present – In the NOW – So you can choose to react as a human being instead of a human animal.

SWITCH takes you from the back seat of your life , to the driver seat

It’s about being in control of how to react to people and events ,no matter how painful or distressing it can be

It's the difference between living your life as a victim or as an enlightened human being.

It's not about changing the people or events in your life , it’s about you changing your reaction to them

It's about living your life from love instead of fear, from power instead of weakness, from acceptance instead of anger.  


Optimists – Dealing with Setbacks

When faced with setbacks optimists believe:

•  They can change the circumstances in which they failed so that they can succeed next time
•  Things can be better in the future
•  We can’t do anything about disappointment but we can choose how we interpret the disappointment
•  Defeat is part of the learning process
•  You might have been passed over for promotion, rejected for a job or lost a sale, but it doesn’t mean that you are not going to succeed next time
•  Failing at something doesn’t make you a failure
•  Succeeding at something, anything, makes you a success

Hard times will Come, No matter what you do you just can’t hide – So  what will you do about it? how will you react?


Hard times are Lessons

Treat disappointment or failure as a learning experience. But it’s not good enough to say, ‘I’ll put it down to experience’. Identify what you have learnt from the experience. The next time you try something (or the same thing) the difference is going to be you, what you have learnt and your capacity for self-improvement.



Set-backs in life can lead to overreaction. The small problem that created the difficult situation is amplified into an all-pervasive life issue, to the point where you can think of little else. See things as they really are, not as you imagine them to be. Put things in perspective.


So WIIFM (What's in it for me) to think positively and be optimistic ?


To Think Positively and be optimistic:  

• You will accept change easily
• You will be more sociable , people will love hanging around you. 
• You will live a longer happier life. 
• You become more resilient and flexible.
• You will achieve your long and short term goals if you really want them bad enough



Thinking positively expresses itself both internally and externally. As you strive to achieve, at work or elsewhere, you’ll begin to realise that as well as feeling positive about yourself, you need to have the same approach towards those around you. Your self-image often reflects itself in your attitude to others. Poor attitude not only tells the world what you think about yourself, but the signals ‘leak out’ that you’re not too bothered about the world either.

It’s important to care about the thoughts and feelings of others; you want them with you on the way up, and when things get a bit tough. We need the world and the people in it to give meaning and understanding to what we do. And to provide guidance, when we most need it.