Mind your cubicle Etiquette

Although in your partition or cubicle you can't see your coworkers but you can certainly hear what's going on next door. Cubicles and partitions give only an illusion of privacy.


The following cubicle/partition etiquette considerations can help make workflow much more smooth within the sometimes limited space in many workplaces nowadays.


- Your Cubicle / partition is a reflection of you so it's a good idea to keep it clean and well organized which will ultimately give a positive image of you.


- Keep eating in your cubicle to a minimum, smell of food can be distracting to coworkers around you. 


-  Discuss critical matters outside of your cubicle/partition, choose a more private setting.


- Social calls although everyone expects and accepts the occasional social call,receiving multiple calls (don’t fool yourself into thinking that your next-door neighbor won’t be listening) and getting lots of visits from coworkers who want to chat will annoy everyone around you. Keep chatting to a minimum.


- Make your personal calls away from your cubicle while you’re on a break or at lunch, or make them while the people around you are in meetings.


- Do not enter someone's cubicle/partition uninvited you need to be aware of people's privacy and personal space.


- Do not interrupt someone in his cubicle/partition while he's using the phone with sign language and other moves to try and get his attention. 


- Be aware of how your voice projects (if you laugh loudly, for example, ask yourself if others can hear you and how it affects their concentration).


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