Traveling on business with colleagues, especially those you like, can add immeasurably to your trip. Conversely, traveling with those you merely tolerate or those you dislike can turn a pleasant trip to hell.

Travelling with colleagues gives you a good opportunity to get to know each other better, although its always advisable to set some sort of limit to the personal information you are ready to share with your colleague, after you are on company time and you need to be constantly aware of the line between what's personal and what's professional.

You may be tempted to go everywhere with your colleague when you’re in a strange town, but your insecurity isn’t an excuse to do something you probably wouldn’t do at home. That means if your colleague wants to visit friends,you don’t have to tag along just because you’re lonely.And it means that if your colleague wants to go to a bar or find entertainment for the evening, you don’t have to tag along just because you have nothing else to do.

If you’re thinking about sharing a hotel room, find out ahead of time whether your colleague snores or walks in his sleep. Both situations can be unnerving and can lead to the loss of a good night’s sleep.

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