What is Lateral Thinking ?
The term Lateral Thinking was invented by Dr. Edward de Bono in 1967 and is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “ a way of thinking which seeks the solution to problems through unorthodox methods, or elements which would normally be ignored by logical thinking” All of the lateral thinking techniques have been designed to make an individual look at something from a different perspective Lateral thinking is an attitude of the mind to generating new ideas and solving problems, supported by unconventional thinking techniques. Its thinking that seeks new ways of looking at a problem rather than proceeding by logical steps.


What is Parallel Thinking ?
The essence of parallel thinking is that individuals of a group look (think) in the same direction at all points in time to allow the brain to maximize it’s sensitivity in different directions at different times.
The tool that allows parallel thinking to occur is Dr. Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking hats.


Creativity Vs Innovation

Creativity: The state or quality of being creative. The ability to create. The capacity to challenge the existing order of things, by deliberately forcing ourselves out of our usual way of thinking, to see the status quo from a new and enlightening perspective.

• Creativity is to think of doing something in an untraditional way for example: It would be nice to see emails on my phone

Innovation: The act of introducing something new, a thing that is introduced as a novelty. to form new ideas and find practical ways to implement change in the light of fresh insights

• Innovation is turning creative ideas into reality by creating Blackberry for everyone to take their emails everywhere they go.

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