Copying Patterns  of Successful Behavior

Very simply NLP is based on studying and analysing behaviour patterns, thinking habits, skills and beliefs of very successful poeple whether in business , sports , art ..etc. Once there is better understanding of what makes top achievers reach their level of success, it is then possible to code or model these patterns and reproduce them. So putting it very simply NLP is based on copying the patterns of effective and successful behavior and reproducing them

'Neuro' refers to the neurological system through which experiences are translated into conscious or unconscious thought.

'Linguistic' refers to how people communicate and how language is used to make sense of experiences.

'Programming' refers to the fundamental NLP concept that behaviour and thinking can be coded and consequently reproduced.


The 4 main cornerstones of NLP Are:

1- Rapport
2- Sensory awareness
3- Outcome thinking
4- Behavioral flexibility



How you communicate and build relationships with others is one of the pillars of  NLP. A deeper study of NLP gives you tools and techniques to use to help you become a better communicator and build better rapport with others and hence improve your relations and lead a better and more successful life.


Sensory awareness

NLP also helps you become more aware of your surroundings, the colors, sounds, smells. It helps you to tune and sharpen your senses and become more aware of your surroundings and pay more attention to what goes on around you.


Outcome thinking

What this means is beginning to think about what it is you want rather than getting stuck in a negative problem mode. The principles of an outcome approach can help you make the best decisions and choices - whether it's about what you're going to do at the weekend, running an important project, or finding out the true purpose of your life.


Behavioural flexibility

NLP also helps you to become more flexible and willing to accept changing your old ways if they are not working. you become more accepting to the fact that " Change is the only constant" and that you always need to cope and adapt /change your old ways of doing things and embrace what's new.


A final word about NLP

NLP doesn’t make the world a better place  – it simply helps you change the way that you observe/perceive your world. NLP allows you to perceive the world differently helping you to be more effective and lead a more fulfilling successful life.


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