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Tell: Welcome to module three which is the core of this training program where we will go through specific powerful call control techniques that can be very useful in enabling you to have more control over calls with overly talkative or angry callers, keeping the call on track and focusing on the caller’s issue to be more efficient and reduce your overall average call handling time. We have 9 great techniques as well as a few additional tips that we will go through next, the techniques aim to help you take better control of each call and keep your average call handling time under control, but before starting off our first technique, keep the following general tip in mind:

When someone is talking and talking to us and showing no sign of slowing down or stopping, we sometimes spend our time waiting to jump in, interrupt the speaker and respond. During this waiting period we usually stop listening or can be prone to miss some key parts of what the caller is telling us because our concentration is taken up with waiting for a ‘break to jump in’. Do be aware that you may miss key information so when you listen do listen actively.

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