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Ask: What do we mean by closing the sale

Link: We’ve been working our way through the sales conversation and are now getting to the point where we’re going to have to ask for the business.

Tell: We can’t expect the customer to always tell us they want to buy; we have to do some work to close the sale.

Open discussion by asking: How could we define closing the sale

Look for something like:

“Gaining final agreement to the suggested solution and permission to create the order”

Ask participants how difficult do you think that might be:

Develop comments towards “shouldn’t really be too tricky because”: Customer came to us in the first place so is likely to be receptive

If we’ve used effective questioning correctly, we’ve been getting an escalating commitment as we’ve gone along (through our summarising, asking if they’re happy and getting permission to proceed) and they should be ready to buy when the last piece of the jigsaw drops into place.

In effect, they’re only agreeing to the final bit of the proposition as they’ve accepted everything else so far We’ve been showing how our solution meets their needs throughout

Ask: When are you going to be most effective at asking the question to close the sale?

Look for: When I’ve presented a compelling solution that shows how I’ve matched their needs and gained agreement

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