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Characteristics of High Performing Service Providers

Tell: The highest performing service providers recognize eight crucial needs every customer has. A person who has and exhibits a clear understanding of these eight customer needs is a person who has a service oriented mentality or has what we call the right mentality to serve others.

Tell: A high performing customer contact employee requires a certain mindset that gives him/her the capacity not just to recognize those eight crucial needs but to successfully provide them in every customer interaction.

Explain each as follows:

Customers want service providers to be friendly. It is an extremely important ingredient of great service and having the right mentality to serve. It’s probably the most basic need that each customer has. It has to do with not only greeting customers politely and courteously, but showing customers that you care about them. It’s about adding a little touch of upbeat, energetic friendliness and genuine attention to their needs.

Top performing service professionals all demonstrate empathy. Empathy can be simply defined as “the ability to understand, be aware of, and be sensitive to the feelings, thoughts and experiences of a customer.” For example, if you are interacting with a customer who is showing strong emotions when describing a personal situation or bad experience, you need to be sensitive enough to acknowledge and show some level of personal concern.

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