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Influencing THE DRIVER

Present your ideas in ways that boost the person's prestige. Genuine praise can work wonders.


This person is strongly independent. Don’t rush things – plan to give the person plenty of breathing space and thinking time. If your suggestions stack up, the person will come round to your way of thinking. Putting everything in writing (along with lots of juicy statistics) can be a good idea. Above all, don’t even think about conning this type of person – it will be spotted instantly.

Influencing THE AMIABLE

Amiables often have a long record of poor decisions. They are, therefore, suspicious and slow to accept new ideas. Take your time, nurture the relationship and work hard to gain their trust. Be prepared to provide ample proof and guarantees that your ideas will pay off.


Expressives like to be liked and appreciated. They need people around them and are anxious to develop and maintain relationships. Be prepared to steer and control the conversation.

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