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First Reaction

When to use?

When a customer comes to you with a problem

Explain: The first few seconds of any call is extremely important because they set the tone for the rest of the call. If you can send a strong helpful friendly tone with a good choice of words to send a message that “You care and you are here to help” right away from the start. Especially if the customer has an issue or is upset or angry, it’s important that your first few sentences set a positive, caring tone, so that the customer knows that you genuinely want to help.

Note to trainer: Link back to the first impressions voice recording activity done at the start of the class to reiterate the importance of the first impression.

Tell: A first impression is hard to change later on so if you want to create a positive start to the call, then the first words you speak when you pick up the call have to be very positive and upbeat.

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