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Needs Vs Desires

Before going into specific influencing techniques in the next two modules, there is a very important distinction that we need to make and clarify to better understand what influencing another person entails.

What do you think is the bigger motivator for anyone is it their desires or their needs? And why?

Needs are definitely much bigger because they are essential for our very existence but when it comes to desires, you can desire to get the latest iPhone or the latest car but you can certainly live without them.

Someone who struggles every day to find food to stay alive has a very poor quality of life as opposed to someone who focuses on meeting their aesthetic needs.

Many people often confuse needs with wants or desires. Some may feel that they truly need something when in reality it is just a strong desire. If you want to be good at influencing others, it is necessary to know this difference.

Spending your time and effort to fuel the desires of an individual will not be as effective as focusing on that inherent need that will push their lives forward.

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