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Tell everyone to be comfortable, participate, and enjoy the class. If they need to stretch, eat, drink, or use the washroom, they may do so at any time. Strongly encourage participants to ask questions throughout the workshop for any reason.

Is Conflict Good or Bad?

Ask: the following questions.

Do you believe that conflict hurts relationships?

Is resolving conflict based on status and power?

Do you think that nothing can be gained from a conflict situation?

Do you believe that conflict can only produce a winner and a loser?

Do you think that conflict can generate growth?

Note to Trainer: The purpose of these questions is to get your participants to think deeper about the word conflict and what it means to them.

Tell: Conflict is a fact of life; it is inevitable. No matter who you are, or what you do, we all encounter conflict situations. Inside or outside the workplace, there is no running or hiding from this fact. But before we start freaking out about being in a conflict situation which will eventually happen sooner or later, there are a few facts about conflict that we must understand.

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