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Memory Tips and Tricks: What’s in a name?

(Note to trainer: Facilitator to role model all the memory tools and remember and use delegates names)

Facilitator to call out the following list of items with no introduction. Read them out quickly and without much emphasis or tone to your voice.

Drill, soap, green paint, padlock, chain, caravan, Michael Jackson, fairy cake, glasses, glove, Rolls Royce, Kylie Minogue, Sparkly Catsuit, wig, chihuahua, handbag

Tell: We are going to look at memory again now, and how to improve your memory, so that you can recall customers names and key pieces of information about them.

Ask the group: So, of those 16 house hold items I just listed, how many can you remember? Work alone, and list them down (allow a few minutes)

Ask who remembered more than ten? 11? 12? Etc.

Tell: It is harder than you think. But you will be as good as Darren Brown or Paul McKenna at remembering things by the end of this!

Make the Point: Customer names and info about them is very powerful. We will learn also how to use hooks and memory anchors, and tools to move information from your short to long term memory.

Tell: Let me show you what I mean: I am going to list those items again. And you will remember. Please do not take notes. Just watch and listen. (trainer to mime drill, and actions with story and repeat key info e.g. hold up thumb and two fingers like a drill. Please learn off by heart, do not)

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