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Stalls and Objections

Tell: Now that you presented your debtor with your request for payment in full (PIF) you should expect one of 3 reactions:

Explain: There are usually 3 reactions to a request for a payment in full (PIF)

1- Payment on first demand

You wish! of course that can happen on your lucky days

2- Debtor comes back to you with a stall

A stall is just a delay tactic and it occurs when a debtor offers excuses for not paying a debt today. A stall is not a refusal to pay, but a reason why the debtor isn’t paying the debt today and may not even relate to the debt at all.

3- Debtor comes back to you with an objection

An objection deals directly with the payment and the reason why the debtor will not pay. An objection can also be a dispute and should be treated as such.

Make the point: It’s very important to handle stalls and objections swiftly, if you do not recognize and respond to stalls and objections correctly the debtor may be at an advantage because this can give him/her more time to avoid payment and may also prevent you as a debt collector to get the chance to fully question the debtor.

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