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A Good debt collector is a good sales person

There is definitely a lot of selling involved in debt collection. An effective debt collector should be able to convince people to do something they do not want to do. A debt collection supervisor may also need to sell his/her team on the need to consistently follow-up with debtors and collect more.

A good debt collector should work well under pressure

Your job as a debt collector is simply to collect as many unpaid debts in the shortest time possible, this itself puts you under a considerable amount of pressure in addition to possible pressure from your supervisor pushing for more collections in less time or it can be from your company’s sales team whose free style sales techniques contribute to more disputes with customers and consequently more debts to collect, even normal seasonal variations in receivables can put you under pressure; and, of course you are always expected to do more with less. The effective debt collector recognizes that pressure in itself will not do any harm; it’s how he/she reacts to the pressure is what makes the difference.

A good debt collector is always a step or two ahead of his/her debtors

One key characteristic of highly effective debt collectors is that they know everything about their debtors, they strive to get every piece of information know every circumstance and study their credit history well to always stay a step or two ahead and increase the chance of successful collection.

A good debt collector has superior questioning skills

The person who asks the questions is the one who controls any conversation. This is a key make or break skill for any professional telephone debt collector who knows very well that in order to establish and maintain control of each call with each debtor from start to finish through questioning.

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