Objective: To train debt collectors in handling customers who are resistant to paying or rescheduling their loans.


Debt Collector (DC)

Delinquent Customer (Customer)


The Debt Collector is tasked with contacting a delinquent customer who has been avoiding payments and has not responded to previous attempts to reach them.



The Debt Collector should follow the provided script and techniques to engage with the delinquent customer.

The Customer should act as if they are resistant to paying or rescheduling their loan.


DC: (Warmly) Hello, this is [Your Name] calling from [Company Name]. Am I speaking with [Customer’s Name]?

Customer: Yes, it’s me. What do you want?

DC: Thank you for taking my call, [Customer’s Name]. I’m reaching out because we’ve noticed that there have been some missed payments on your account. I’d like to discuss how we can work together to resolve this matter.

Customer: I can’t make the payments right now. I have other priorities.

DC: I understand that managing finances can be challenging. We’re here to help find a solution that works for both parties. Can you share some insights into your current situation? Are there specific concerns or circumstances that are making it difficult to make payments?

Customer: I’ve had some unexpected expenses, and I’m struggling to make ends meet.

DC: I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a tough time. We’re here to work with you. One option we can explore is rescheduling your payments to make them more manageable. Could we discuss a new payment plan that aligns better with your current situation?

Customer: I don’t want to commit to anything right now.

DC: I completely understand your hesitancy. Let me assure you that our goal is to find a solution that helps you get back on track without causing further financial strain. If we can agree on a modified payment plan, it can provide some relief.

Customer: I just can’t commit to anything at the moment.

DC: I appreciate your honesty, [Customer’s Name]. Would you be open to reviewing some options together? This way, we can ensure any plan we propose is realistic and manageable for you. Remember, our aim is to find a solution that works for both parties.

Customer: I’ll think about it.

DC: That’s perfectly fine, [Customer’s Name]. Take your time. When you’re ready, please feel free to reach out, and we’ll be here to assist you. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.


After the role play, discuss the techniques used and any potential areas for improvement.

Emphasize the importance of active listening, empathy, and offering flexible solutions.

Provide feedback and encourage debt collectors to apply these techniques in real-world scenarios.

Remember, the goal is to create a constructive learning experience that equips debt collectors with the skills and confidence to handle delinquent customers effectively.

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