There is no doubt that the people you know can have a great effect on your career and future goals in your professional life. Networking  has never been more important than it is nowadays specially contacts you nurture with VIP's and senior level management both in and outside your company.

Here are some quick etiquette rules and tips that can help you build better stronger relations and quicker rapport with hot shots:


Ask Good questions
When you’re unsure about how to interact with an important decision-maker, your best bet is usually to ask nonthreatening questions in order to determine the best way to move forward. Rather than freezing up or trying to prove how smart you are, ask respectful, intelligent questions.

For example:
“What are our main goals for this year ?”
“What’s your number one priority on this list?”
“What sort of qualities are you looking for in a _______?”
“How do you want me to proceed with so-and-so?”


Use thier favourite communication medium
Choose the way you are going to communicate with decision-makers and higher-ups based on the way they communicate with you. if  they prefer to communicate with you via email, send emails if over the phone, use the phone to contact them. They feel comfortable and familiar in their favorite communication medium.


Use firm language
Avoid using weak or wishy washy kind of words like " I'll try " ,  use words such as, “I recommend” or “I suggest,” rather than, “It seems to me” or “I think.”

Always treat them with respect and do not get into private life matters unless invited to do so.


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