Delivering World Class Customer Care

Delivering world class customer care means having the capacity to provide a memorable,unforgettable experience to each individual customer. World class customer care is not about meeting but about exceeding customer expectations and looking for opportunities to provide an unexpected wow moments in unique ways.

 Customer service is a highly customized product for each individual customer, this is the essence of World class customer care is that each customer needs to feel that this service is specially tailored for him/her. Its also worth mentioning that customer service as a product is produced one at a time and cannot be taken back. What's also very challenging when it comes to delivering customer service is that it's very hard for the Managers to monitor each and every customer service interaction.

 Adding up to the challenges is the fact that customers now are much more demanding than before, they have higher expectations due to the more pressurized lifestyle they have now. Customers want everything but don't necessarily want to pay for it and are much less tolerant, they want more for their money, time and effort and surely nowadays customers are much more aware of their rightts and are getting more and more driven by new technology. 

It's an established, known fact that it costs several times more to attract a new customer than it is to keep the ones you already have. So it's much wiser to focus on customers you already have however still the main concern of many companies is to make a new sale rather than build long term relations.

The Customer is the RATER of your service:

Customers evaluate the level of customer service they get according to the following main criteria :

1-Reliability           : Providing a consistent service level, delivering promises accurately.
2-Assurance          : Your ability to convey feeling of trust to customers, your knowledge, competence and courtesy
3-Tangibles           : The physical condition of your facilities, equipment and your personal appearance.
4-Empathy             :  Having the capacity for understanding, being aware of and sensitive to the feelings, thoughts and experiences of customers.
5-Responsiveness : How soon do you solve customer's issues, problems and concerns in other words, how fast is your reaction to customers wants,needs and requirements?

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