Failing to dedicate enough time
Failing to dedicate enough time for the interview and the whole interviewing process is one of the main reasons why sometimes the wrong person is hired. Interviewing is not easy, enough time needs to spent specially in the preparation phase to put together a list of questions designed to give you a clear evaluation if the specific job required competencies are in the candidate or not.


Consistency is crucial.
 If you enter the interview unprepared, improvising a new system of questioning or even worse with no specific sequence or system aiming to identify specific competencies your interview will most probably not be successful. Skillful interviewers think through a process and tend to follow that same method or system each time with variations that they tailor to individual situations. If you go through the interview unprepared, this will not only impact your success in finding and hiring the right person for the job, but it can also project a negative unprofessional impression of you and your company.

Talking too much
Do not talk more than 15% of the time during the interview. If you talk too much experienced candidates can figure out what kind of answers you want to hear. Asking good questions and actively listening are the two most important skills you need to run a successful interview. By asking questions you stay in control of the conversation and probe for more at specific points. And also letting the candidate talk more can lead him/her to reveal more information that otherwise you would have missed out on completely because you were talking more than you should. 


" I loved his tie "
Beware of getting too impressed by a specific aspect of the candidates credentials appearance or interests, watch out for this halo effect and do not let any particular aspect affect your decisions.


Don't think you're Sigmund Freud
If you are not a certified and trained psychologist or psychiatrist, please do not try to interpret every single thing the candidate says into another hidden subconscious meanings. Yes being able to read people would be a great advantage, but do not overly try to seek out meanings behinds words and relating them to psychological factors . If you have doubts about something the candidate says, consult a professional psychologist or psychiatrist.