What is Performance appraisal?
A performance appraisal is a formal management system to evaluate the quality of an individual’s performance in an organization.

What is a competency?
Competencies are behaviour patterns, based on acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes, which a person needs to bring to a job in order to carry out certain key tasks with competence.

Interviewing primer
Interviews are one of the most effective selection methods,99% of companies use Interviews, they are so common because they fulfill a psychological need to meet and see a person who might one day join the company.

Types of interviews
There are different types of interviews, each providing quite specific types of information, this article gives an overview of the major,most common types of interviews:

Effective Interviewing questions
There is no doubt that interviewing is all about asking questions. Asking the right questions is crucial to make a fair evaluation of your candidate. If you ask the right questions, you will be able to uncover what you are looking for in a candidate.

Evaluating Resumes
If it was based only on resumes then probably most of your candidates are perfect for the job and your predicament would be choosing the best. but back to reality, we all know the real world doesn’t work that way, anyone can write an impressive resume but is it all factual?

Ending interviews professionally
This article gives you a process to follow to end the interview in a professional manner and also give the candidate some feedback, and a chance to ask questions as well as letting them know what happens next.

Evaluating Interview results
It’s Highly recommended to start your evaluation of the interview right away after the employee leaves while everything is still fresh in your mind. Find out more about properly evaluating interview results.

Orienting new employees
Do you remember how was your first day at work? unfamiliar people, policies and procedures, The experience is exciting but can also be confusing and challenging.

Biggest Interviewing mistakes
A list of the most common pitfals and mistakes of conducting interviews.

The employee selection process
This article outlines the common steps of the selection process followed by most companies when hiring new employees and taking them on board.

Job analysis/description/specification
A clear textbook definition of job analysis, job description and job specification to clear out the confusion.

Career Development plans
Sometimes you can get where you want to go in business—if you’re lucky. But, more often, it takes a plan, and effective career development requires well thought out and executed plans.

Using Internal Vs External Trainers
It is difficult to generalise about how it is worth it for companies to develop their own internal team of trainers to carry the burden of developing and training employees versus the use of professional external trainers.

Measuring Training ROI for sales and service staff
First we must clearly point out that measuring ROI of training is usually not an easy task to do or to measure accurately. Financial results for individual employees, teams and departments are measurable, but how these were influenced by the training alone is the difficult bit.

Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of training evaluation model
A brief explanation of Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of training evaluation

Full time trainer Vs freelance trainer, which is best for your business
Employee development, which is right for your company and employees, hiring a full time trainer or freelance trainers?