Giving Positive Feedback

ST(Situation/task): A customer came into your office today looking upset.


A (Action): You gave her the forms she needed and explained how to fill them out. 

R (Result): She thanked you for your help and left looking relieved.

Activity: Identify the STAR Components
“Thanks for helping me with my report when I had to rush to the meeting. I appreciate your delivering it to Sue so quickly and spending time answering her questions. I wanted you to know that she called me back and said she was really impressed with our responsiveness and your knowledge of the project. It looks like she’s going to recommend our department for the job.”


Giving Feedback for Improvement 

ST (Situation/Task): A customer complained to me about the service he received from your office.


A (Action): Before he could finish, you interrupted him and said there was nothing you could do.

R (Result): He left looking really upset. 

A (Action): It might have helped if you had reviewed the circumstances with him, explained why he could not get what he wanted from your office and referred him to the appropriate office. 

R (Result): That way, he would have better understood our regulations and felt better about the interaction.


Activity: Identify the STAR/AR Components

“Pat asked for the weekly time-tracking report that was due to her first thing this morning. Without offering an explanation, you told Pat that you wouldn’t be able to get the report to her for another two days. She left the department feeling frustrated that you hadn’t met your deadline and angry that you didn’t even explain why. You might have shared your time constraints with Pat, asked her exactly what information she needed, and asked if you and she could discuss some alternative dates or approaches. Pat would have understood your situation better. Then the two of you could have worked something out, which also would have strengthened your partnership.” 


Adapted from Development Dimensions International, Inc. “Interaction Management” series, Pittsburgh, PA

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