What is coaching all about?
Coaching is the process of systematically developing people at work.  It involves turning work experienced problems into learning situations.


Coaching for better performance
Being an effective coach is fundamental to the success experienced by any manager in handling relationships with colleagues and subordinates.


Qualities & Skills of a coach
The main purpose of a coach is to work with individuals to improve their performance in a specific area or skill.


Why coaching and feedback goes wrong?
Take a long hard look at the way you currently coach. As an overworked manager and most of us are, we find it very easy and tempting to deal with performance problems of our staff at symptom level rather than root cause.


GROW Coaching Model
the GROW model is one of the most popular coaching models.


The Body Coaching Model
Another useful coaching model using an analogy of the human body.


Giving Feedback
Feedback should be looked at as one step in a bigger process, but it’s worth noting that sometimes the simple act of raising someone’s awareness about an issue is all you have to do to improve performance.


Receiving Feedback
A few people take feedback well.  Most of us would say that getting feedback is great but come on let’s face it there are times when we all find it difficult not to get defensive when we are on the receiving end of feedback. 


Giving Negative Feedback
When we have to give feedback to someone that we think they might find difficult or painful to hear, there are certain questions that maybe helpful for us to make sure we find answers for first before attempting to give the negative feedback.


Top 10 Feedback tips
Ten of the most effective tips for giving proper feedback.


STAR feedback model
One of the well known models to follow for giving constructive feedback to others.


The 10 Coaching Commandments
Ten commandments for effective coaching.


Different types of coaches
There are many different types of coaching and providing guidance to others in the business world today. Some executive coaches help people plan their lives, others help executives to become more efficient leaders for their teams, some are helping organizations through change to achieve the organization’s strategic plans.


Giving feedback as part of coaching
By giving feedback, you’ve brought something to your team member’s attention that they hadn’t realized was happening, resolving the issue might simply be a matter of them watching out for a bad habit until they’ve replaced it with a good one.


Choosing an area to coach to improve performance
To observe and analyse behavior to pinpoint development needs you should start by asking yourself where do you like to see better results.


Coaching/Training/Counselling/Mentoring – Clearing out the confusion
Coaching is strategically guiding someone into improved performance through reflection on how they apply a specific skill and/or knowledge. Coaching is about developing individuals beyond where they currently are.