Below is a simple process to follow that can help you end interviews in a professional manner and also give the candidate some feedback, and a chance to ask questions as well as letting them know what happens next.


1. Give the candidate a quick summary
Summarize or paraphrase to the candidate about his/her reasons for wanting the job and why they think they're well suited for it. which will give the candidate a chance to add or clarify anything you didn't mention and also gives a good impression and will ensure to the candidate that you were carefully listening.


2. Give the Candidate a chance to ask questions
Give a chance to participants to ask questions about your company, the job requirements or any other question on their mind. It will help you gauge how interested he/she is about the job and also can give you some insight about how their mind works from the type of questions they ask. 


3. Let Candidates know the next steps.
After the interview is over the candidate is usually very eager to know what comes next. So put them at ease, let them know how and when they will be contacted and if there is any other steps or paperwork required from his/her end. letting candidates know the next steps is a common business courtesy.


4. Thank the candidate for his/her time
To end the interview courteously and once you went through all your prepared questions, gave the candidate a quick summary and briefed him/her on the next steps, thank the candidate for their time, stand up and shake hands which formally ends the session,  escort them outside the door.