Do you remember how was your first day at work? unfamiliar people, policies and procedures, a different and new atmosphere and working conditions. The experience is exciting but can also be confusing and challenging.


One of the roles of the HR person is to ensure that a meeting happens sometime during the first week (Preferrably on the first day or before) between the newly hired employee and his/her direct manager or supervisor for a detailed discussion about job responsibilities and goals. The manager/supervisor as well needs to be prepared for this meeting.

In preparation for the meeting, make sure the employee has a copy of the job description and that he/she understands the nature of each task, its importance and how it was cascaded down from the main corporate goals.

During the meeting the employee's direct managers/supervisor needs to explain how the department operates as well as any information or quality standards required. This meeting is also the right time for the manager/supervisor together with the new employee to agree to set goals that are mutually agreeable making it more likely that the new employee will work harder to achieving them. 


Follow-up: 3 – 4 weeks on the job
After a few weeks on the job, its very helpful to follow-up with employee to ensure the orientation process is running smoothly and if there is any additional help you can provide. find out if the employee feels he had enough time to acclimate him/her self, if other employees were helpful in providing assistance or when he/she asks questions. Find out if there are any issues or concerns he/she has and offer assistance.