Most organizations take certain common steps to process applicants. The usual selection process comprises of three basic activities:

1- Initial screening
3- interviewing

 Variations on this basic process depends on the organization's size, nature of jobs to be filled, number of people to be selected, organizational culture, etc. The selection process shown below is typical of a large organization. However, often one or more phases of the process are omitted or the order changed, depending on the employer.


Gathering Job Applicant Information

Organizations gather selection information from job applicants related to Knowledge, Skills and Abilities [KSAs], Personality, interests and preferences and other characteristics. The information gathered on an applicant is generally used to match the applicant's knowledge, skills and abilities with a suitable job.


Steps of the Selection Procedure:
1. Preliminary interview or screening.
2. Application blank.
3. Employee tests.
4. Employee interview.
5. Reference check.
6. Medical examination
7. Final selection.