To have a clear definition of sexual harassment we can say it's simply if someone promises you a job or a promotion in return for sexual favors or if you or if someone else's sexual behavior creates a hostile or abusive work environment that prevents you from doing your job or if you are demoted or fired for refusing a request for sex or if you are requested to engage in any sexual behavior to either get or keep your job. Then you are subjected to sexual harassment. The following tips can help you avoid these situations: 


Don’t discuss your sex life at work. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” applies to everyone.


Treat others courteously and professionally
Treat everyone fairly, professionally and be courteous at all times, mostly if you treat everyone professionally and courteously you get treated the same way.


Some  people’s personalities change when they travel.
During business trips, avoid meeting other people in hotel rooms, and leave bars and restaurants if your colleagues are clearly more interested in getting drunk than in relaxing after a hard day.
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Know your company's sexual harassment policy
Get some information about your company's policies regarding harassment issues.


Facing the Harassment
Talk to your human resources department ,Follow your company's policies and procedures for harassment if any, Seek counseling and support, and do not ignore it hoping it will go away, it will not. in fact this can have a huge impact on your professional life as it prevents you from doing your job as well as the impact it can have on you personally.


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